Medical Centre

Al Ula Clinic is a Healthcare provider in Al Karama, Dubai, UAE. Recently we are renovated. It is located beside Zabeel Road, opposite of Karama Post Office, near Karam Center. We are here to provide you and your family better services in affordable cost. Recently new discipline is added. Now General Physician and General Dentist are available to serve you well. Visit us Sunday to Friday from 12:30PM to 8:30PM.

We believe that every people have right to have treatment. We are now offering cheaper consultancy and better discounts on diagnostic tests than others in the region which ensure your ailment and good health.

General Medicine

Dr. Sudipta Chowdhury (MBBS)

Medical Services:

  • Treatment of all kinds of acute conditions: Fever, Cough, Ear Infection, Urine Infection, Diarrhoea etc.

  • Treatment of chronic conditions: Diabetes, Hypertension, Dyslipidemia, Asthma and any respiratory diseases, Gastritis, Back pain and Arthritis

  • Skin Diseases

  • Ante Natal check ups of pregnant women

  • Minor surgeries of any accidental injury

  • Liver and kidney diseases

  • Hormonal disorder

  • Cardiac diseases

Other Services:

All Kinds of Lab and Radiology services including different affordable health packages


Coming soon

Online Doctor Consultation:

With Al Ula's telemedicine service, you can consult doctor, get second opinion remotely with video calls which will save money and time of patients. We are ensuring your diagnostic tests, prescription and medication on your door step after the video consultation.

We have DHA authorized telemedicine system which will be started in full fledge very soon.

No Insurance?

No worries at all!

We are now providing

up to 30% Discount*

for GP consultation and diagnostic tests

Our Dental Care Offers

  • Consultation - FREE

  • Scaling and polishing - 99 AED

  • Veneers (Hollywood smile) - 499 AED

  • Filling - 100 AED

Our Medical Care Offers

  • Consultation - 30% discount

  • Blood Sugar test - 30% discount

  • Liver function test - 30% discount

  • Renal function test - 30% discount

  • Serum Cholesterol test - 30% discount

  • CBC and Urine analysis - 30% discount

  • X-ray and Ultrasound scan - 20% discount

Total 80 tests, Offer AED 349/- (Regular 1000/-)

Total 58 tests, Offer AED 249/- (Regular 700/-)

Total 44 tests, Offer AED 149/- (Regular 500/-)

Total 3 tests, Offer AED 149/- (Regular 400/-)

Total 39 tests, Offer AED 449/- (Regular 1200/-)

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🏩 Flat No: 124, Stalco Bldg, Zabeel Road (Opp. Main G.P.O.), Karama, Dubai- UAE

Sunday to Friday (12.30PM to 8.30PM)

04 396 7828

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